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What to do immediately after a car accident

Texas car crashes are all too frequent events. Whether a fender-bender or something much more serious, there are several things you should – and should not – do immediately after one. First and foremost, never leave the scene unless and until law enforcement officers give you permission to go. If you leave too early, you could face charges of leaving the scene of an accident or even hit-and-run.

Determine as quickly as possible whether you, any of your passengers or the occupants of any other vehicle received injuries in the crash. If anyone is obviously injured or shows signs of pain or dizziness, call 911 on your cellphone and request emergency medical and police assistance.

What are the DUI penalties in Texas?

Texas has a reputation for being tough, rugged and an individual thinker. It is not a coincidence that it is called the Lone Star State, after all. In keeping with its reputation, Texas takes a tough stance on DUI too. Although DUIs in most states carry the possibility of time in jail and worse, depending on the severity of the offense, many drivers are likely to escape with probation instead of jail and a small fine. That is, assuming the DUI is a standard offense.

FindLaw reports that in Texas, however, jail time is a sure thing, even for first-time offenders. Your first DUI in the Lone Star State will land you in jail for a minimum of three days, up to a maximum of six months. In addition, you will be fined $2,000, lose your license for up to a year and then be required to pay an additional amount of between $1,000 and $2,000 per year for three years just to keep your driver’s license. That is only after the suspension is lifted on your license. And one more thing: The judge has the discretion to require an education/treatment plan as well.

Understanding blast injuries

If you work in one of the many Texas refineries, you know that explosions are the most feared accidents. Refinery explosions have the potential to severely injure or kill dozens, if not hundreds, of workers like you. Even nonfatal blast injuries can cause you to sustain multiple bodily traumas.

Blast injuries have four categories as follows:

  1. Primary injuries caused by the blast pressure’s effect on your body
  2. Secondary injuries caused by flying debris striking your body
  3. Tertiary injuries caused by your flying through the air as the result of the blast and striking objects
  4. Quaternary injuries caused by all other explosion factors

Why do car insurers dispute repair estimates?

If you have ever been in an accident in Texas, you may have witnessed or even been a part of the negotiations between the insurance company and the repair shop. Depending on your insurer and your policy, the process may already be spelled out to some extent, including what type of parts can be used and whether you must choose from a pre-approved list of repair shops.

Whether or not the repair shop is one of your own choosing or one preferred by the insurance company, there are several issues that are typically negotiated, according to nerdwallet. One of them is whether or not a part can be repaired. The garage may suggest replacing a part in its estimate, while the insurer wants mechanics to make repairs instead.

These are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Texas

People from all walks of life throughout Texas love to travel by motorcycle. While they are fun, exciting and practical, motorcycles can be very dangerous. They have fewer protective structures and features than passenger vehicles, increasing the risk of serious injury and death to riders in collisions. Inattentive, reckless and impaired drivers cause many Houston-area motorcycle crashes, and injured riders need to be aware of their options for obtaining the maximum available compensation for injuries.

Certain factors increase the risk of a crash for motorcyclists. It is important for car and truck drivers, as well as riders, to understand what those factors are so collisions can be avoided.

Driving uninsured: the basics

Even with state laws that require drivers to pay for damage they cause from an accident, countless Texans are without insurance coverage. While many push vehicle insurance to the back-burner, having coverage can make all the difference in the case of a wreck. Below are some of the basic facts consumers can review when it comes to having insurance on the road.

Pocket Sense explains the ins and outs of vehicle insurance coverage, focusing first on accountability. If an uninsured driver is responsible for an accident, they may have to pay expenses out of pocket. While liability coverage encompasses damage caused by the driver at fault, some drivers simply drive without such coverage. As for situations in which the uninsured driver refuses or is unable to pay for damages, Pocket Sense states that the other driver involved may need to take action in court. Other factors to consider are the varying state laws regarding property damage requirements. 

What is the cause of work-zone crashes?

One of the many annoying things that exasperate drivers in Texas and throughout the U.S. are work zones. A warning sign that announces "road work ahead" is sure to elicit groans and complaints on sight as drivers and passengers know delays are likely. Delays are not the only hazard of work zones, however.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were more than 25,000 crashes in work zones throughout the state in 2016, which resulted in 181 deaths. That compares with the same year's overall death toll of 3,773, which includes work zone deaths.

TxDOT says: You talk, you text, you crash

In September 2017, Texas passed a series of laws related to distracted driving -- including a ban on texting while driving.

Using the slogan "Talk/Text/Crash," the Texas Department of Transportation has taken steps to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and urges Texans to put away their cell phones while operating a vehicle. Even though sending or receiving texts while driving is one of the most discussed bad behaviors that motorists engage in, there are plenty of other phone-related behaviors that can keep your eyes, mind and hands off the task of driving.

Wylie man facing charges following truck accident

People see the massive semi-trucks delivering freight and cargo to Conroe and, while being intimidated by their massive size, respect the role they fill in helping to drive consumer markets. Those operating these impressive vehicles must be extremely skilled, as their increased dimensions require a trained hand. Truckers have little room for error when behind the wheel, which is why much is expected of them. When they fail to meet that expectation, it may be easy to see why many are quick to accuse them of recklessness. 

That is the allegation current being leveled at a Wylie man after he was involved in a collision in Michigan. His truck reportedly slammed into the back of a car traveling on the freeway, forcing the back of the car underneath the semi. Consequently, the two passengers riding in the back of the vehicle (a man and his three-year-old daughter) were killed in the collision. The driver of the car was also seriously hurt, while the other passenger escaped without any serious injuries. Whether or not the trucker sustained any injuries was not reported. He was, however, arrested and charged with manslaughter as well as reckless driving. 

Texting and driving laws in Texas

Distracted driving causes more accidents every year in Texas than most people realize. One of the most common ways in which drivers become distracted is by taking out their smartphone while behind the wheel. Looking down at a phone for even a second can cause a collision. 

On September 1, 2017, a new law went into effect in Texas that banned cellphone use while driving. The law forbids people from texting, emailing or posting anything on social media while driving. However, people can still talk on the phone as long as they use a hands-free device and are not in a school zone. People can also use their phones to use GPS and play music. The goal is to limit the number of auto accidents due to carelessness, so everyone would do well to simply keep their phones in their pockets or purses while driving. 

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