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Collision involving FedEx truck leaves woman dead

It is easy to view the semi-trucks as commercial vehicles rumbling along on Conroe's roads as gigantic unforgiving monoliths. Yet inside of them may be regular people simply working to support themselves and their families. They may be simply completing their expected routes when they are involved in accidents, which then raises the question of who is ultimately responsible for such incidents: the drivers or the companies employing them? 

That may be a question that arises after a collision involving a FedEx truck in Fort Worth. While investigators are still trying to piece together the exact details of the accident, it has been reported that the truck ran into the car in front of it. Because traffic had been merged into one lane due to road construction, several cars ended up being involved in the accident. Yet it was the driver of the car that was initially hit that suffered the worst of it. She died at the scene. The condition of the FedEx truck driver as well as the other motorists involved was not released. 

What to do after a car accident injury

The risk of a car accident is present every time you get behind the wheel. Texas has over 330,000 miles of roads - nearly double that of California - and is therefore rife with hazards. 

Being prepared for a potential car accident injury is an excellent way to increase your driver safety. In the aftermath of an accident, adrenaline is running high and you will likely feel confused, so advance planning may help you move through the process more smoothly.

Understanding Uber's insurance coverage

If and when you are in an accident in your own car in Conroe, you may rest easy knowing that your insurance will cover at least a portion of your expenses. It has been our experience here at The Bryant Law Firm that people worry most when they are in accidents while traveling as passengers of others. The recent rise in the popularity of ride-share services makes it easier to get to where you need to go without having rely solely on a personal vehicle. Yet what sort of insurance coverage can you expect if you are involved in an accident with a ride-share vehicle? 

The largest ride-share service (in terms of market share) is Uber. They have an insurance policy (that many other services model) that covers their drivers in different scenarios. For example, if you are in accident while riding as a passenger of an Uber driver, then Uber's insurance policy will extend up to $1 million in third party liability coverage if the Uber driver is at fault. The same amount is available in uninsured/underinsured coverage if you are in an accident in an Uber vehicle and the other driver is at fault (and he or she does not have auto insurance). 

3 types of driving distractions (and how you can avoid them)

It’s up to all Texas motorists to ensure safe driving practices are followed. This includes minimizing distractions while driving, which can take on numerous forms. offers guidance on the different types of distractions that can occur while driving and also explains how you can reduce the risk of serious injury to yourself and other drivers.

Visual Distractions

3 catastrophes that can happen in a refinery

Many people are blissfully unaware of just how ubiquitous oil is in their everyday lives. Though you might not think about it, oil is used in many of the products you rely on, such as the gas that fuels your car and the appliances in your home. To get to this point, though, oil must first be refined from its crude state.

This process takes places at a refinery. Refineries are industrial processing plants that convert raw oil into a substance that can be used for commercial purposes. Though this is a necessary process, it can also be dangerous, and the following are some examples of catastrophes that might take place in a refinery:

What are some common motorcycle hand signals?

As a motorcyclist in Conroe, you know that the task of sharing the road with motorists is often easier said than done. Motorists most likely do not want to hit you; they may just not be paying as close of attention to what you might be doing on your bike. While that might certainly help you should you become involved in a liability case following an accident, most would agree that it is best to avoid an accident in the first place. 

How can you do this? Hand signals can go a long way in communicating with motorists on the road. Yes, your bike likely has turn signal indicators installed (Texas also has no law requiring that you use hand signals), yet when it comes to your personal safety, a little extra effort is always worth it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come up with a few simple hand signals to help indicate your movements to other drivers (such signals may apply to both motorcyclists and cyclists). These include: 

  • Extending your left arm out straight to indicate a left turn
  • Extending your left arm out, with your elbow bent upward at a 90-degree angle and your palm facing forward to indicate a right turn
  • Extending your left arm out, with your elbow bent downward at a 90-degree angle and your palm facing backwards to indicate an intention to slow or stop

Why cars keep crashing into motorcycles

Being a motorcyclist is dangerous. Helmets and other gear help, but do not completely eliminate risk. Much of the danger comes not from the motorcycles themselves, but from who they share the road with--cars and trucks, for example.

Unfortunately, many drivers have the attitude that no one else belongs on and around roads, and that includes pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. So, the mindset going in is already anti-motorcycle.

What Is Whiplash?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Texas, you should know that physical damage often occurs. Whiplash is just one of many injuries that can happen after an accident, and this condition can cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort if left unchecked. WebMD offers more information on whiplash so you can understand its symptoms and get the medical attention you need when you need it most.

How It Occurs

How to prove a car accident was due to texting and driving

Texas has been incredibly proactive over the last few years to warn the public of the dangers of texting while driving. Unfortunately, many people still engage in the activity, which is a shame because studies show texting and driving can increase one's chances of being in an accident by 2,300 percent if the driver is a teenager or senior citizen. 

If you become involved in a motor vehicle accident, then you will need to get in touch with your insurance agency shortly after. Part of your claim will involve proving who was most at fault. You may believe the other driver holds the most responsibility because you think he or she was texting at the moment of the crash. Proving this can help your case and obtain compensation, but it can be difficult to prove. 

Bees escape following Paris truck accident

People may look at the semi-trucks and tractor trailers traveling in and around Conroe and guess as to the cargo that they carry. Sometimes it may be indicated by the name on the truck; other times onlookers may be left to guess. One thing seems certain in each scenario, however; whatever is being moved is no doubt expensive. On top of being expensive, it can also be dangerous. An accident or even poor driving on the part of a trucker can easily turn his or her load into a hazard for those on the road around them. 

truck accident outside of Paris revealed the vehicle to be carrying quite a unique load: millions of bees. The bees saw their chance to escape once the truck overturned. Fortunately, the driver was not seriously injured, and no other vehicles were reported as being involved in the crash. However, first responders faced the daunting task of trying to contain the mass of bees spilling out from their hives. As one might guess, several were stung, yet no adverse reactions were reported. Eventually, they had no choice but to call in the professionals. A team of beekeepers eventually arrived and took over the cleanup work. 

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