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Does Texas have a dram shop law?

You may understand the risk you take when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle in Conroe, yet it is a risk you may be willing to take given that you assume most every other motorist approaches driving with the same level of care you do. That may be why it is so frustrating when you learn that the person who caused an accident you were involved in displayed deliberate negligence (such as drinking and driving). Drunk driving accidents in particular can be especially damaging, both in terms of injuries and vehicle repairs (or replacement). If you are placed in the position of seeking compensation following such an accident, you may justly question where liability ends. 

The driver who caused your accident (by virtue of getting behind the wheel after drinking) certainly must accept some responsibility, yet what about those who may have assisted in them getting drunk? Texas has indeed adopted legislation similar to what are popularly known as "dram shop laws." These laws assign liability to establishments that serve alcohol to patrons who then go out and cause accidents. Section 2.02 of Texas' Alcoholic Beverage Code says that an establishment can be held liable if one of its agents or employees serves alcohol to a person that is clearly intoxicated to the point of being a danger to themselves and others and the actions of that person are subsequently the proximate cause of another's injuries. 

Common causes of motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them

Accompanying the thrill of riding a motorcycle is the danger of getting into an accident. Unfortunately, the risk is about 28 times higher for bikers than it is for passengers in cars, reports the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

There are a lot of actions you can take to stay safe on the road, such as wear a helmet, follow the speed limit and check your bike before going out. Another precautionary measure is knowing the common causes of crashes between motorcycles and cars so you can avoid them.

Texting isn't the only deadly distraction for drivers

When you hear about distracted driving, you probably imagine a teenager texting behind the wheel. While texting is a serious problem, particularly among the younger generation, it is not the only distraction motorists face.

Being aware of all potential distractions can help you avoid getting into an accident and know what details to look for to establish fault if someone crashes into you

Are truck drivers pressured to speed?

You know how difficult it can be to control your own vehicle at high speeds; you can imagine, then, how much more so it may be for a truck driver to control a massive semi-truck when speeding. Thus, the sight of a semi-truck speeding along Conroe's highways can be quite unsettling. Why would a truck driver be so reckless? There may be times when they feel forced to engage in such action. 

You can certainly relate to the concept of being in a rush. For most, the pressure to get something done quickly is most commonly associated with work. You want to please your employer (and in some cases, avoid any disciplinary action), and may thus be motivated to be hurried. If your work involves driving, then it may be reasonable to assume that there could be scenarios where you would feel the need to speed in order to meet work deadlines. 

Is lane-splitting legal?

As a motorcyclist, you are likely aware of the ongoing battle that seemingly rages between those who travel via your preferred method and motorists in Conroe. Both sides can be quick to point what vexes them about the other, when in reality, the law (in general) views them both equally, and thus affords both groups the same rights and restrictions. Of course, the very nature of a motorcycle makes it vastly different than a car, and also affords you some distinct advantages while traveling. One of these is lane-splitting, a practice often employed by motorcyclists and complained about by motorists. The question is whether or not it is legal. 

By the definition of the law, it is not. Section 545.060 of Texas' Transportation Code states that all vehicles must drive (as nearly as practical) entirely inside an single lane. This includes when overtaking other vehicles on the road. As motorcycles are viewed as vehicles by the law, you are expected to adhere to this standard. Certain motorcyclist advocacy groups, however, are seeking to change that. 

How to handle an automobile accident like a pro

If you are lucky, you will go through life without swapping paint with another car. Still, because motor vehicle accidents are common on Houston’s roadways, you should think about how to handle a collision. With a bit of preparation, you can boost your chances of recovering fully from an automobile accident. 

As you likely know, vehicle crashes can be both scary and confusing. While you probably cannot plan for every eventuality, you should develop a strategy for responding to an accident. Here are some tips for getting through the minutes, hours, days and weeks after a wreck. 

Egg-throwing prank results in fatal accident in Houston

There often may a number of different elements that contribute to car accidents in Conroe. Thus, assigning responsibility for such incidents may often be difficult. It may not be unreasonable to see liability divided up amongst multiple parties. This may assist accident victims in recovering compensation should they need assistance in paying for the expenses that are often inherent with violent collisions. 

Such a collision recently occurred in Houston. Witnesses say an SUV ran a red light before colliding with a pickup truck. First responders arrived on the scene to find the driver of the truck dead and the occupants of the SUV to be juveniles (the boy driving was reported to only be 14 years old). The teens had been seen throwing eggs from the SUV at other vehicles. The driver of one of the vehicles struck took exception to their actions and began pursuing them (reportedly while brandishing a gun). It was while the SUV was being chased that the boy driving it hit the truck. He has since been arrested and now faces a murder charge. The driver of the pursuing vehicle remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities. 

Understanding permissible exposure limits

When your work in Conroe involves the manufacture or use of chemicals, you likely understand that the potential to exposure is high. Indeed, there may be no way to completely remove any traces of potentially hazardous substances (particularly airborne substances) from your working environment. Unfortunately, based on the stories that we here at The Bryant Law Firm hear from clients, it often seems that the acceptance of this fact absolves employers from having to protect employees. On the contrary, when there is an expectation of encountering traces of chemicals in a work environment, employers are tasked with being extra vigilant to ensure those traces remain within permissible exposure limits. 

PEL's are the chemical exposure levels that have been set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that are believed to be safe for you and others to work in. They are determined by analyzing the concentration of a chemical in the air over a certain time period. The final determination is what is known as a time-weighted average. This is essentially the maximum amount of airborne exposure (reflected in parts per million) to a chemical that you can be subjected to up to a certain time limit (typically eight hours) without jeopardizing your health. An example would be 10 ppm of Substance A over 8 hours. 

What happens if the other driver hits your car on purpose?

Walking through a crowded store or on a busy sidewalk, many people may become frustrated and feel tense and angry. According to WebMD, aggression is a natural response to crowding. When it comes to vehicles, that anger can translate into road rage.

Once a driver loses control, everyone in the vicinity may be in danger. If the driver intentionally hits another vehicle, a new problem arises: The driver's insurance will probably not pay for the accident.

Freeway collision near Fort Worth kills man

One might be hard-pressed to find even one person in Conroe who has not either been involved in, witnessed or driven past the scene of a car accident. Motorists may not understand the trust that they inadvertently put in each other when they join up on the road. They may trust that each and every one of them will operate their vehicles and safely and responsibly so as to avoid collision. Yet still, accidents happen. When they do, however, the expectation may be that other motorists will steer clear of them, being mindful to give those involved plenty of room to sort things out. 

Sadly, that may not always happen. This was evidenced in a collision that happened recently on Interstate 35 near Fort Worth. A young man had been in an accident on the freeway (though it was not reported is his vehicle was the only one involved). He exited the vehicle and then attempted to run across the freeway (investigators are unclear as to why). While doing this, he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Despite being rushed to a local medical center for treatment, he ultimately died from his injuries. 

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