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Wylie man facing charges following truck accident

People see the massive semi-trucks delivering freight and cargo to Conroe and, while being intimidated by their massive size, respect the role they fill in helping to drive consumer markets. Those operating these impressive vehicles must be extremely skilled, as their increased dimensions require a trained hand. Truckers have little room for error when behind the wheel, which is why much is expected of them. When they fail to meet that expectation, it may be easy to see why many are quick to accuse them of recklessness. 

That is the allegation current being leveled at a Wylie man after he was involved in a collision in Michigan. His truck reportedly slammed into the back of a car traveling on the freeway, forcing the back of the car underneath the semi. Consequently, the two passengers riding in the back of the vehicle (a man and his three-year-old daughter) were killed in the collision. The driver of the car was also seriously hurt, while the other passenger escaped without any serious injuries. Whether or not the trucker sustained any injuries was not reported. He was, however, arrested and charged with manslaughter as well as reckless driving. 

Texting and driving laws in Texas

Distracted driving causes more accidents every year in Texas than most people realize. One of the most common ways in which drivers become distracted is by taking out their smartphone while behind the wheel. Looking down at a phone for even a second can cause a collision. 

On September 1, 2017, a new law went into effect in Texas that banned cellphone use while driving. The law forbids people from texting, emailing or posting anything on social media while driving. However, people can still talk on the phone as long as they use a hands-free device and are not in a school zone. People can also use their phones to use GPS and play music. The goal is to limit the number of auto accidents due to carelessness, so everyone would do well to simply keep their phones in their pockets or purses while driving. 

3 tips for dealing with a lowball car accident settlement offer

Getting in a car accident can be a devastating financial blow. Handling the aftermath of your auto collision may be confusing and frustrating, especially when dealing with the insurance company representing the negligent driver. You understandably want to resolve everything as quickly as you can, but be careful when it comes to accepting the initial settlement offer.

The insurance adjuster will likely try to give you the least amount of compensation possible. He or she may do this in hopes that you are eager to get past the incident so you will accept a lowball offer. However, here are some tips for rejecting an insufficient offer and negotiating a better one

What happens to the uninsured in the case of an accident?

Having car insurance does not always seem worth the expensive monthly payments, but it can save the day in times of need. This is especially true for those involved in accidents on the road; however, not all drivers can afford expensive bills, turning to uninsured driving. What can Texas drivers expect if they become involved in an accident without insurance?

Nerd Wallet examines the consequences of driving without insurance, noting the first -- and perhaps most difficult -- aspect of the sudden financial burden that could ensue. In most states, driving uninsured is illegal and can come with fines, a revoked license and even time behind bars. In more serious incidents, drivers who suffer injuries or other damage could also sue another driver at fault. In Texas, having personal injury protection is optional, but can be expensive. Nerd Wallet points out that, while causing an accident is a matter of its own, getting caught without insurance alone could result in penalties: Texas drivers who are caught uninsured could pay fines of at least $175 upon first offense.

Truck drivers and the risk of accidents

When motorists drive on major freeways in and around Houston, they are likely to come into frequent contact with large 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles such as plumbers' trucks and delivery trucks. The risks that these vehicles place on other drivers can be significant and result in very serious accidents.

Although certainly not all truck drivers and trucking companies violate regulations or create conditions in which negligence causes crashes, the fact remains that there are those who pose significant risks on the road. It is important for passenger vehicle drivers to understand the types of violations that can occur and the consequences that can result.

Who is responsible when a chemical plant explodes?

Working at a chemical plant can have its own share of dangers. Yet in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texas faced significant hazards when numerous plants flooded and exploded. Plant employees and local residents alike questioned the safety of these facilities long after the tragic storm, but the primary concern appeared to focus on the lawful practices of the plants themselves.

Explosions are not an uncommon occurrence, but just as with any industry, chemical plants must follow proper safety procedures. In the weeks that followed Harvey, The New York Times dedicated an article to this issue exactly, and the ways the Arkema chemical plant handled the post-flood explosion. In addition to safety precautions, The Times reported that locals expressed concern over the plant's emergency planning and risk disclosure. Although 21 emergency workers received treatment after the plant exploded, some health experts criticized the plant's failure to address the risk introduced by dangerous chemicals that overheated in the hurricane's wake. Others doubt the nation's chemical industry in totality, arguing that a number of harmful chemicals go ignored by Environmental Protection Agency. The Times highlights the complexity of the issue, pointing to the underfunding of federal agencies that oversee such safety hazards in plants. As for Arkema specifically, the company's risk-management plans reveal a lack of concern over the hazards of hurricanes and other threatening extremes. 

Going helmetless means freedom, but it also risks serious injury

"The wind passing by your ears, it's music to your soul," James F. told the Associated Press. "It's so relaxing."

You, too, may feel that riding a motorcycle without a helmet is music to your soul. Many bikers believe that enclosing your head in a helmet defeats much of the purpose of riding.

What to do if you are injured in a car accident

A car accident can happen so quickly that in the aftermath you may be wondering what steps you need to take. While you must make sure to get treatment for any injuries resulting from the accident as soon as possible, completing a few other steps immediately after the accident will strengthen your claim.


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