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Are truck drivers pressured to speed?

You know how difficult it can be to control your own vehicle at high speeds; you can imagine, then, how much more so it may be for a truck driver to control a massive semi-truck when speeding. Thus, the sight of a semi-truck speeding along Conroe's highways can be quite unsettling. Why would a truck driver be so reckless? There may be times when they feel forced to engage in such action. 

Reviewing hours-of-service regulations for truck drivers

As many of those that we here at The Bryant Law Firm have worked with in the past can attest to, a number of different complexities can go into causing a truck accident. Then, of course, there are cases where something as simple a driver fatigue is the reason why a trucker may have hit you. The thought of having a drowsy trucker driving on Conroe's roads might terrify you (and rightly so), as the massive vehicles they drive can cause such devastation. For this reason, federal regulations have been established to help truck drivers avoid becoming fatigued on the job. 

Collision involving FedEx truck leaves woman dead

It is easy to view the semi-trucks as commercial vehicles rumbling along on Conroe's roads as gigantic unforgiving monoliths. Yet inside of them may be regular people simply working to support themselves and their families. They may be simply completing their expected routes when they are involved in accidents, which then raises the question of who is ultimately responsible for such incidents: the drivers or the companies employing them? 

Bees escape following Paris truck accident

People may look at the semi-trucks and tractor trailers traveling in and around Conroe and guess as to the cargo that they carry. Sometimes it may be indicated by the name on the truck; other times onlookers may be left to guess. One thing seems certain in each scenario, however; whatever is being moved is no doubt expensive. On top of being expensive, it can also be dangerous. An accident or even poor driving on the part of a trucker can easily turn his or her load into a hazard for those on the road around them. 

Can a trucking company be held responsible for an accident?

One look at the massive semi-trucks often seen traveling on Conroe roads is typically all that is needed to confirm that such vehicles have the potential to cause massive devastation in the event of an accident. If you have already had the misfortune of being in such an accident, then you know this firsthand. Right now, you could be facing massive medical bills due the injuries you and/or your family members sustained in the collision, as well as the expenses needed to repair the damages done to your own vehicle. Who is going to pay for those? 

Wylie man facing charges following truck accident

People see the massive semi-trucks delivering freight and cargo to Conroe and, while being intimidated by their massive size, respect the role they fill in helping to drive consumer markets. Those operating these impressive vehicles must be extremely skilled, as their increased dimensions require a trained hand. Truckers have little room for error when behind the wheel, which is why much is expected of them. When they fail to meet that expectation, it may be easy to see why many are quick to accuse them of recklessness. 

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