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Is lane-splitting legal?

As a motorcyclist, you are likely aware of the ongoing battle that seemingly rages between those who travel via your preferred method and motorists in Conroe. Both sides can be quick to point what vexes them about the other, when in reality, the law (in general) views them both equally, and thus affords both groups the same rights and restrictions. Of course, the very nature of a motorcycle makes it vastly different than a car, and also affords you some distinct advantages while traveling. One of these is lane-splitting, a practice often employed by motorcyclists and complained about by motorists. The question is whether or not it is legal. 

Other hazards you may encounter as a motorcyclist

Reckless drivers are an obvious threat that motorcyclists may come across when they take to the road, such as those who get in their car while they are drunk and those who disregard the speed limit. However, there are all sorts of other potential problem areas that may also lead to a fatal motorcycle accident or cause a motorcyclist to become hurt, some of which are not as common and do not receive very much attention. In this post, we will point out some of these dangers in an attempt to prevent future motorcycle crashes.

What are right-of-way laws in Texas?

While motorists in Conroe may understand that they are required to share the road with you when you are on your motorcycle, many still seem to have difficulty comprehending that also means affording you the same rights as they would other vehicles. Their line of thinking may be that even though you are on the road, the fact that you are not in a car does not entitle you to the same protections afforded by the standard "rules of the road." Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than the failure to yield the right-of-way. 

What are some common motorcycle hand signals?

As a motorcyclist in Conroe, you know that the task of sharing the road with motorists is often easier said than done. Motorists most likely do not want to hit you; they may just not be paying as close of attention to what you might be doing on your bike. While that might certainly help you should you become involved in a liability case following an accident, most would agree that it is best to avoid an accident in the first place. 

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