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Are truck drivers pressured to speed?

You know how difficult it can be to control your own vehicle at high speeds; you can imagine, then, how much more so it may be for a truck driver to control a massive semi-truck when speeding. Thus, the sight of a semi-truck speeding along Conroe's highways can be quite unsettling. Why would a truck driver be so reckless? There may be times when they feel forced to engage in such action. 

You can certainly relate to the concept of being in a rush. For most, the pressure to get something done quickly is most commonly associated with work. You want to please your employer (and in some cases, avoid any disciplinary action), and may thus be motivated to be hurried. If your work involves driving, then it may be reasonable to assume that there could be scenarios where you would feel the need to speed in order to meet work deadlines. 

Such a motivation in no way dismisses liability should a truck driver cause an accident. The question, however, becomes who should liability be assigned to. If a truck driver's own actions have placed them behind schedule, and they are therefore driving fast in order to catch up, then there is little question with whom liability should lie. Yet what if the truck driver's employer has placed unreasonable expectations on them that they feel compelled to meet? 

Section 392.6 of the Code of Federal Regulations states that it is unlawful for a motor carrier to require that routes be completed in times that would require its drivers to exceed the posted speed limits in the areas they are traveling through. Thus, if the pressure for a trucker to speed comes from their employer, that employer should be liable should the truck driver cause an accident. 

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