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August 2018 Archives

Just how safe are refineries?

Like most in Conroe, you likely have a soft spot for your employer (no doubt due to the fact that without your job, you would not enjoy the life you do). That soft spot may lead you to give your company the benefit of the doubt in all things (even up to the safety of your work environment). Employers in specialty industries (such as refineries) understand that their work presents unique risks to its practitioners. You might assume that knowing these risks, your employer has taken every possible precaution to protect you and your coworkers. Yet is that the case? 

What can you do after a hit-and-run?

You were driving through an intersection when out of nowhere, another driver ran the red light and slammed into you. Since you suffered an injury in the collision, you felt too stunned for a moment to do anything but collect your thoughts, although you thought you weren’t too hurt to get out of your car and assess the damage, exchange information with the other driver and call the authorities. However, to your shock, the other driver suddenly sped away. Is there anything you and other Texans can do if you are in a hit-and-run accident?

Collision involving FedEx truck leaves woman dead

It is easy to view the semi-trucks as commercial vehicles rumbling along on Conroe's roads as gigantic unforgiving monoliths. Yet inside of them may be regular people simply working to support themselves and their families. They may be simply completing their expected routes when they are involved in accidents, which then raises the question of who is ultimately responsible for such incidents: the drivers or the companies employing them? 

Understanding Uber's insurance coverage

If and when you are in an accident in your own car in Conroe, you may rest easy knowing that your insurance will cover at least a portion of your expenses. It has been our experience here at The Bryant Law Firm that people worry most when they are in accidents while traveling as passengers of others. The recent rise in the popularity of ride-share services makes it easier to get to where you need to go without having rely solely on a personal vehicle. Yet what sort of insurance coverage can you expect if you are involved in an accident with a ride-share vehicle? 

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